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Vaughan William • Carpenter • Elgar (released 2013)
Shulah Oliver and Simon Marlow celebrated ten years of performing together in 2013 and marked this by recording pieces that demonstrate their musical passion for English music. The names of Elgar and Vaughan Williams rightly take pride of place in the flowering of English music that began in the late 19th century. By comparison Christian Carpenter is almost completely unknown, yet in her time she was a famed pianist and a prize winning composer. In the works of all three we have that wonderful mixture of the inspiration of nature, a pride in national achievement and sorrow at the tragedy of war.

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Portraits of England (released 2010)

Shulah Oliver (violin / viola) -& Simon Marlow (piano) have a particular passions for introducing lesser-known repertoire by British composers to audiences.  "Portraits of England" is a collection of forgotten gems, by leading English composers of the late 19th / early 20th century, that have been quite unfairly forgotten through the passage of time.
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Enjoy! (released 2006)
Enjoy! was Shulah's first CD which combined popular violin repertoire such as Meditation and Chanson de Matin with lesser known works in the repertoire such as Delius - Sonata No.2 and J.S Bach - Sonata in e minor BWV 1023.

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