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"There is a warm tone, sustained control when it comes to fast runs and double stopping, and even when she ‘retakes’ the bow for successive chords, control is poignant."

- Lucas Ball - Worcester News

"Throughout the range of the instrument Shulah Oliver demonstrated her skill"

- The Eastern Daily Press

"She proved to be a very persuasive advocate for this glorious work, and her performance tonight was a triumph."

- Bob Briggs - Music Web International

 "No one listening to their performances could doubt that here was music of great beauty, of serious intent, of masterly realisation."

- Paul Rooke – Artistic Director, The 2010 Rutland Boughton Festival

 "Excellent way of communicating with your audience which is very much appreciated."

- Anne Voysey – Chairman of the Adforton Village Committee

"Individuals throughout the orchestra have much to offer, but none less that professional guest leader, Shulah Oliver, who played heart-stopping Scheherezade themes with exquisite conviction."

- Maggie Cotton - Birmingham Post

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